Taiga Takahashi

T.T is a unisex brand based in New York and Kyoto. Taiga Takahashi, the founder and designer, underwent an education that merged Japanese culture with Western thought with an ideology of "resurrecting relics of the past to unearth artifacts of the future".

Takahashi collected over thousands of garments since his teens, most of which are American vintage from the 1920s to 1950s, focusing on the pre-mass production era. Believing that the true value of craftsmanship already exists in history, the fabrics, sewing and details of time-survived garments are researched from an archaeological perspective, reinterpreted in a new way and bring it back to life in the modern age. 

Using traditional Japanese techniques such as natural dyeing by hand, which has continued for over 1,000 years, and one of the few remaining old power looms, the brand pursues its craftsmanship in dialogue with the artisans who have inherited these techniques.