Masha Popova

Masha Popova, a Ukrainian designer and graduate of CSM (Central Saint Martins), showcases her eponymous label as a harmonious blend of couture and sportswear. Based in London, her brand reflects the designer's childhood experiences in post-Soviet Ukraine, resulting in a captivating fusion of influences. Masha Popova infuses traditional garment-making techniques with innovative concepts, delivering a vibrant and dynamic take on modern fashion.

At the heart of Masha Popova's collection lies a commitment to sustainable practices and creative transformation. Zero-waste textiles are thoughtfully transformed into meticulously constructed and deconstructed garments, demonstrating the brand's dedication to craftsmanship and sustainability. The collection pays homage to embroidery, denim, and printing through a detailed study, resulting in unique and carefully crafted pieces. With hand-dyed fabrics in bold colours inspired by '80s and '90s sci-fi and horror films, the brand offers a range of striking denim, jackets, tops, and signature butterfly pieces. Masha Popova's designs are motivated by imperfection, social criticism, and personal narrative, infusing everyday and evening wear with a distinct and individualistic flair.