Bianca Saunders

Addressing the tension between tradition and modernity, between the masculine and the feminine, the Bianca Saunders brand is spearheaded by award-winning Designer & Creative Director Bianca Saunders. Taking inspiration from her British and Jamaican background, the brand approaches design with a multi-disciplinary attitude that brings cross-cultural references into a modern and reinvigorated evolution of menswear. Garments references classic streetwear and avant-garde couture in equal measure. Details of delicate ruched flourishes and twists reflect the carefully considered tweaks that transforms everyday staples to statement pieces that sits on artisanal craftsmanship Since its inception in 2017, Saunders has been selected by the British Fashion Council as ‘One To Watch’ in 2018 and then later winning The 32nd Andam Grand Prix Fashion Award in 2021.

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