8am - 4pm (Monday - Friday)
9am - 4pm (Saturday - Sunday)

11am - 6pm (Everyday)

222 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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Chinatown Country Club operates as an experiential retail concept. Extending beyond fashion, within the space resides a unqiue, one of a kind cafe in the heart of Sydney.

At Chinatown Country Club, we believe hard work is performed by many people before the final consumer gets their coffee. Our aim is to be a platform to highlight these individuals.

We embrace our team's talents and creativity. When you dine with us at you'll notice the sugar jars and serving plates, which are carefully handcrafted by our very own Will Sue.

Coffee Program

We have partnered with Grace & Taylor Coffee Company, an independent roastery based in St Peters, Sydney. Grace & Taylor has a strong family connection, named after the middle names of Matt's two children - India Grace and Will Taylor. We use their Graceland Blend as our house blend and is the go to recommendation for anyone unsure with what to drink, and is a constant menu staple.

For those more adventurous or wanting to try something new and different we have a different rotating single origin for espresso and batch brew that is always changing from a new roastery every week. We also have a reserve coffee menu, these are coffees that are a bit more rare and unique or have a special meaning to our team, similar to a wine list in a restaurant. These coffees get frozen and stored for longer periods of time. This allows us to keep the coffees on the menu for much longer than usual, and share the stories of each coffee with more people to taste and enjoy.