Hope, a fashion and lifestyle brand based in Stockholm, was established in 2001 by designers Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg. Initially focused on women’s clothing, the duo rapidly expanded into menswear, debuting their inaugural collection in 2005. Initially drawing inspiration from the practicality and clean aesthetics of uniforms and workwear, the Scandinavian brand’s understated designs became renowned for their emphasis on functionality while exuding sophistication.

Currently led by Frida Bard, formerly associated with Acne Studios for 13 years, the label is injecting a fresh energy into traditional tailoring by playing with unconventional proportions and vibrant accents. Maintaining the original brand ethos of combining utility and style, the garments are crafted using premium materials such as wool and denim, which gracefully develop an authentic patina through regular wear. Deliberate design elements like concealed closures, reimagined pockets, and contemporary cuts elevate the distinctiveness of their outerwear, knits, and trousers without compromising their status as everyday wardrobe staples.