Self Service The Ads 1994­-2022


Self Service The Ads 1994­-2022

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Self Service 1994-2022, The Ads - New Edition.

More than 300 fashion ads from 28 years of Self Service magazine in this one book. Instantaneously the definitive reference to contemporary fashion advertising. Raf Simons, APC, Prada, Balenciaga, more Raf Simons! It is stunning. See how the ads have changed from the nineties to today. See the loops and cycles as the first ads in the book become reference for the latter. There's Darwin's Theory of Evolution and there is Self Sevice, The Ads :)

Easily one of the very best book we ever made. Thanks to Ezra Petronio.

Softcover. 30cm x 23cm. 344 pages. Edition of 1000.